Virginia Beach Martial Arts Levels

Martial Arts- There Needs To Be A Beginner & Advanced Program

Whether it’s Taekwondo, Karate, or Kickboxing, every program needs to have a beginner and advanced Level.  A martial arts program is divided into different categories. The different categories range from the beginner’s program to the advanced one. Generally, these programs are divided as per the age group. For example the beginner’s program is for kids aged between 7 to 12 years. But some institutes also offer beginner and advanced courses for adults as well. As the name suggests, the beginner course is for amateur practitioners who are new to martial arts. And when they pass this course then only they are admitted into the advanced program. As said earlier, even adults who want to try martial arts can enroll themselves into a beginner course, only if the institute offers beginner program for adults.

Apart from the beginner and advanced programs, there are other programs also that train an individual to become a martial arts expert. These programs are primarily aimed at children, helping them in their physical as well as mental growth and development. Some of the common programs are as following.


Taekwondo, Karate & Kickboxing Levels For Kids

Pre-beginner program: This program is designed for kids in the age group of 3 to 6 years. Here, the child learns about the basic fundamental skills and begins his martial arts experience. It is the foundation for the child’s physical, mental, and social abilities. He or she develops focus, respect, coordination, and learns how to follow the guidelines given by the teachers. The focus is on learning and listening skills where he learns the importance of hard work. It is a kindergarten preparatory program that prepares the child for school.

Beginner program: It is specifically for children between the age group of 7 to 12 years. Here, students begin their journey to the black belt. They learn the core motor skills of martial arts which include kicking, blocking, striking, punching, self defense, and basic sparring techniques. It helps them to build confidence and self discipline with overall character development. Moreover, it conditions the child and makes him or her aware about bullies and strangers.

Intermediate program: It continues with the development of the kids’ physical, mental, and social abilities. It helps in building two important character traits of life, that is, confidence and perseverance. It also involves understanding of the beginner level, high intensity katas, and knife self defense, which helps one to better understand the concepts of a street fight.

Advanced program: This course is for experienced students of martial arts. Here, students learn advance applications and are challenged to extend themselves. It includes fitness training with strength, endurance, and flexibility. It defines their personal weaknesses and strengths and is a beginning towards their individual path of black belt. The curriculum includes sparring (free sparring and step sparring), self defense, board breaking, stretching, and theory (Korean vocabulary, history, taekwondo theory and techniques). The program is both physically and mentally challenging, where students learn self-control, confidence, patience, integrity, and perseverance.

Black belt program: It incorporates rigorous training, which prepares the students for the black belt test. The students are expected to teach all class levels. The curriculum includes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Taekwondo, which helps them to understand ground defense and other skills.

As there are different levels in every course, similarly in martial arts there are different courses, which enable a person to learn martial arts step-by-step. A person who has passed the beginner program is eligible for an advanced course. Both the courses are different and have their own importance. For instance: A beginner’s training allows longer periods of rest as compared to an advanced martial arts schedule. Additionally, a beginner would not be able to fit in an advanced program and an expert would feel uncomfortable in a beginner course.